Uetsu tilia bark cloth from Yamagata, Japan

Uetsu tilia bark cloth is one of the three major ancient woven textiles in Japan together with Bashofu in Okinawa and Kuzufu in Shizuoka. It is said that producing textiles from fiber originated in the Jomon period  (from around 14000 to 300 BC).  

(photo: bags made of Uetsu tilia bark cloth)

The threads are made of fiber of linden that grow naturally on the Sea of Japan side in the north-eastern Japan. Then the textile is woven with those threads. 

Its characteristics lie in its water resistant property, its durability and the plain textile unique to the bast fiber. In old days, these textiles were used to make sacs for vegetables and grains, work clothes and a flitering cloth. Today, it is used to make bags, wallets, clothing accessories and so on.