Tenugui (traditional Japanese cotton textile)

Tenugui  are a patterned, thin cotton cloth, which has been used in Japan since around 8th century.

Te means hands and nugui means to wipe, so it literally means "cloth to wipe your hands". However, that is not all you do with the Tenugui. They are used as a decoration, washcloths, dishcloths, recyclable wrapping cloths, handkerchiefs, bandannas etc.

They are perfect to be used as table runners, place mats, napkins or neckerchiefs as well. You could also put them on a wall as an interior decoration, which I have seen in many houses of non-Japanese friends.

Tenugui is in a rectangular shape with about 33 cm wide by 90 cm length. Traditionally, they are made of 100% cotton, hand-woven, hand-cut and hand-dyed.