Tai Lue ethnic group of Laos

Laos is a land locked country in South East Asia, north of Thailand, south of China, east of Viet Nam. 

There are as many as 49 ethnicities with over 160 ethnic groups. One of them is called Tai Lue people and there are about 300000 of them in Laos. They also live in southermost province of China called Yunnan where they originated, Thailand, Burma and Viet Nam. 

The women wear a dark blue indigo jacket sewn with a fabric tape and a skirt called sinh, which is made partially from silk and partially from cotton often using different weaving technique. Tai Lue people often grow their own cotton and indigo plants to use for their traditional clothes. Many people are farming as a main source of income and the textile production can be additional income source for the villagers.

It is very interesting to see what kind of traditional ethnic clothes are still used by various ethnic group of Laos, isn't it?