Shikki -Japanese lacquer-ware

Lacquer ware is an art/craft from Asian countries such as Japan, China and Myanmar. Most lacquer ware is made by applying numerous layers of lacquer on wooden or sometimes paper surfaces. Historically, it was used as tableware such as plates, bowls, cups, Bento boxes for food, or furniture and sometimes even on coffins.  

In Japan, there are a few famous places for the lacquer ware. Hida is one of those places. It is located on the central part of Japan. This region is known for its woodcraft since 8th century. In the process of manufacturing, there are two important persons: one to make the base woodcraft and the one to put the lacquer on top. Both of these skills are equally important to make high quality lacquer ware. With this red Hidashunkei plate, you can see the gorgeous transparent red color, which are the result of many layers of lacquer. You can put a colorful salad on this plate, for example.