Sado - Tea ceremony

In Japan, people have been practising tea ceremony (Sado or also called Chanoyu) since 1484, which is the first recorded tea ceremony in Japan. Chanoyu was introduced by a monk named Shuko and became very popular among the merchants. Around that time, the tea ceremony became extravagant as the merchants competed in obtaining more beautiful and expensive tea bowls & other tea ceremony equipment. They discussed businesses as well as gossiped while they eat extravagant meal.

Then, Sen Rikyu came into the world of the tea ceremony and pursued the mentality and aesthetic of Shuko, which is simple and made the tearoom smaller. He encouraged both the host and the guests to consider that this tea ceremony is once in a lifetime and respect each other.

Tea bowls are normally made of pottery and some tea bowls can be rather pricy but of course, you can use any bowl you would like to drink your favourite Matcha or Sencha or other Japanese tea!