Ozoni (New Year's soup) in laquerware

Apart from the Osechi that we introduced you on the previous 2 articles, people eat Ozoni (New Year's soup) on New Year Days. 

They originated around 8th century when rice cakes called Mochi were something you only ate at a special occasion. Apart from the Mochi, people put various ingiridients such as Japanese taro (root vegetable), carrots, Daikon radish. The ingriedients and how you season the soup varies from region to region. 

Actually, in general, there are a lot of differences in the food culture between eastern and western part of Japan. For example, in the western part of Japan, many people eat a round Mochi (rice cake) whereas in the eastern part of Japan, many eat a square-shaped one. 

What is common is that the Ozoni soups are served in a lacquer-bowl such as these on the photos. These bowls can be used on daily basis when you want to make a Miso soup or just as a decoration. 

Why not find your own favorite lacquerware from Japan?