Lenten people's traditional clothes in Laos

As written in previous articles about Laos, there are many different ethnica tribes in Laos. Some say as many as 49 tribes (it used to be said 68 tribes when I lived there).

One of them is called Lenten people, who came in the 19th century from southern China to Laos. They are one of the few ethnic groups who still use Chinese character called Kanji that are also used in Japan. 

Many of them live on the river side of vinicity of a river in the northern provinces of Laos called Luang Namtha and Bokeo. 

The name Lenten is written with the Chinese character that means indigo, which indicates that they use indigo to make their traditional clothes. This indigo-dyed fabric has a very high quality and probably most color-fast among all the ethnic tribes. 

These days you can find textile products such as cushin covers, book covers, bags, coasters that are made by the Lenten indigo-dyed fabric.