Kyoto - ancient capital of Japan

As many of you might know, Kyoto was the capital of Japan for a long time (794 to 1868) before current Tokyo became the capital. 

From that fact only, you can imagine that there must be abundant traditional hand craft skills remaining in that region. 

(Photo: Nishijin-ori brocade)

There are some articles introducing such handmade artifacts, such as Nishijin-ori textiles , Kyo-uchiwa fans, and Kurotani Washi paper. We will certainly introduce you more about different kind of traditional handmade artifacts you can find in Kyoto! 

(Photo:Kyo wood joinery)

Kyoto is a fantastic city to visit when you visit Japan. The mixture of traditional buildings such as castle, temples, shrines and modern architecture such as the Kyoto main station and other office buildings in the city center is interesting.

You can also enjoy eating Kyoto cuisine, which is unique in the city. If you are there in summer time, we recommend you sit on the river side restaurant's balcony where you can dine or enjoy coffee while you look at the river floating.