Kiyomizu-yaki ware/Kyo ware from Kyoto, Japan

Kiyomizu ware or Kyo ware is a type of pottery produced in Kyoto, Japan. Originally, Kiyomizu ware referred to the pottery produced in the area leading to Kiyomizu temple. However, nowadays the other types of pottery in Kyoto do not exist. 

The production of Kyo ware started in Nara and Heiwan era (710-1185 AD) and increased when the tea ceremony became popular in 1573-1600.

Although each kiln has its own tradition and techniques of pottery creation, as long as they are made in Kyoto, they are called Kyo ware. The Kyo ware pottery are handmade and the number of each pottery produced are limited as they are mostly done by a family.



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