Khan-Atlas: rainbow colored textile from Uzbekistan

Khan-Atlas is a thick ikat patterned silk textile from Uzbekistan in Central Asia.

This fabric is known for its intricate weaving and dying process. It is said that there are as many as 40 processes to complete this gorgeous fabric.

The origin of this fabric is a story that is heart warming: a weaver had a beautiful daughter, whom the king of the region really liked. The weaver father begged the king not to take his daughter. The king said "If you can weave a textile so beautiful that I can forget about your daughter tomorrow morning, I will not take her." The weaver did not know what to create and looked outside where he saw a rainbow in the sky. He weaved the color of the rainbow, the color of the leaf, the color of the petal, and the blush of the dawn through the night. Next morning, he presented the fabric to the king, who was so fascinated by the skill of the weaver and gave up on taking his daughter away. He instead married her to his son, the prince. 

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