Kanazawa gold leaf

Kanazawa is a city in Japan, which is known for its traditional crafts and traditional architects. The gold leaf produced in and around the city of Kanazawa is very well known in Japan. It dates back to the first hlaf of 19th century.

A piece of gold alloy with the size of 23 mm (0.9 inch) is hammered and thinned to be very thin layer that is about 1.6 ㎡.

It certainly takes many years of devoted practice to be able to produce such gold leaf without losing its brilliance.

Such gold leaves are used in large quantity on historic traditional buildings like shrines, and also used in traditional crafts such as lacquer-ware, Buddhist altars, Kutani ware ceramics, and textiles. 

Nowadays, they are also used as a part of interior decoration and also in fashion. 

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