Harvest moon!

Today is a day for "harvest moon", which is a full moon.

In Japan, we make a small round rice ball and stack 15 them up in the direction of the moon that evening (like the photo below). The round ball mimics the shape of the moon and symbolizes health and happiness. Such lacquerware can also be used as a plate or a tray!

(Photo: rice balls on a lacquerware tray)

On this day, people traditionally made the offering to the god of moon and thanked for the harvest such as rice, some roots vegetables like sweet potatoes and silver grass (see the photo below).

(Photo: the harvest moon with silver grass)

Initially, people wanted to put the rice plants as they believed that gods reside in them, however, it is too early for the harvest of rice, so they started to put the silver grass instead as they are similar in shape.

Apart from that, people also offer the seasonal fruits such as persimmon, pears, grapes and chestnuts. 

(Photo: offerings made for the harvest moon)