Chibana-hana woven textiles from Okinawa, Japan

Chibana-hana woven textiles is produced in Chibana area of Okinawa in South of Japan. Its characteristics lie in the flower pattern on the base texitle as well as the continuous geometric pattern. The beautiful pattern is predicted to have arrived from South Asia.

The material used is mostly cotton, but in some cases silk or wool is used. Chibana-hana woven textiles have been and still are used in important rituals/ceremonies in Okinawa. 

The origin of this textile is not known exactly, however, it was probably already produced in the 18th century. At the time, there were a lot of trades between the Kingdom of Ryukyu (former Okinawa) and South Asia as well as China. As it was not used as gifts to the royal family, there are a lot more free designs.

After the first and second world war, when Okinawa was hugely bombed this traditional skill had ceased to exist for a while. However, in 1989 this skill was revived after 100 years. 

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