Bukhara contemporary Suzani from Uzbekistan

In one of the previous articles, we talked about a town called Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Bukhara is a town located in the southern part of Uzbekistan, about 450 km away from the capital, Tashkent. It is an old town, which dates back to the 5th century BC. 

It has a lot of traditional handcraft that are produced up until now. One of such handcraft is Suzani textiles. It is a traditional textile of Central Asia, which are hand-embroidered and very decorative. Suzani means "needles" in Persian as they are embroidered using needles.

They have either silk or cotton base fabric and embroidered with silk or cotton threads (sometimes mix of these two). The primary stitches used are chain, satin and buttonhole stitches. However, the couching is often used extensively. In Bukhara, you can find many contemporary designed Suzani that are made to suit our modern lifestyle such as the cushion cover or table center/cloth to name a few.

Why not find your favorite hand embroidered Suzani product?