Okinawan lacquer-ware

In Ryukyu kingdom (current Okinawa) lacquer-ware production started in 14th century. The technique initially was introduced from China, however, Okinawan people developed the skill in their own way, which became the Okinawan (Ryukyu) lacquer-ware. It is not only well-known in Japan but also overseas.

Its characteristics lie in the variety of decoration techniques. Especially well known technique is called tsuikin, which is unique to Okinawan lacquer-ware. It gives a 3-dimensional appearance, which you cannot see in the lacquer-ware from other regions.

There are other techniques that has a contrast between vermilion lacquer and black lacquer, which creates vivid brilliance.

Okinawa is an ideal place for the production of lacquer due to its climate. The Okinawan people could benefit from high-quality raw materials like Indian coral tree, Japanese snowbell, and Okinawan banyan tree. 




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