Nishijin Ori brocade from Kyoto

Nishijin brocade (called Nishijin Ori in Japanese) is a luxurious woven textile from Nishijin, Kyoto.

It originated around 5th to 6th century when silk production was introduced through the neighbouring countries of China and Korea. In Heian Period (794-1185AD), manufacturing of woven silk became an official profession.  Although it went through rough times such as wars, the skill was conveyed to the next generations, which is carried to this day.

There are 12 varities of Nishijin brocade such as Tsumugi (fabric woven with thin silk threads), Honshibo-ori (fabric with textured crepe weaving).

The production of Nishijin Ori continue to this day, which is often used for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies. Nowadays you can find Nishijin Ori bags, ties, shawls, masks and other decoration. 

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