New Year's dish - Osechi in Japan - Part 2

As the new year food "Osechi" is eaten over a few days, when women are supposed to be released from daily housework, most Osechi dishes are sweet or salty as they needed to be preserved without refrigerator. 

Tazukuri, or dried anchovy fry and cooked in candy is a typical dish in the Osechi. By eating this, people wish for a good harvest in the fields where such anchovy were used as a fertilizer.  

Another popular dish is kelp (called Konbu in Japanese) roll , which is auspicious as it is close to the word "joy". 

Boiled root vegetable dish called Chikuzen-ni is another popular dish in the Osechi. Lotus roots are said to give you a clear look into the future with the holes, and the satoimo (Japanese taro) are symbol of prosperity of your descendants as they have many small potatoes.

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