Kyo foldings fan (Kyo sensu)

Kyo sensu or Kyo folding fans are fans produced mainly in Kyoto, Japan, using only bamboo and paper or silk material. Kyoto is known for a good quality bamboo, which is light and flexible - ideal as a material to create fans. They haven been valued since ancient times due to its beautiful designs sometimes useing gold or silver leaves or gold lacquer, called maki-e.

Kyo foldings fans-Kyo Sensu fan

(Photo: Kyo folding fans with maki-e)

As Japanese summer, especially in Kyoto is very hot and humid, having a folding fan when you go outside is a must.

Kyo sensu with silk, silk folding fans from Kyoto

(Photo: silk folding fans/Sensu)

The history of foldings fans dates back to year 877 AD, which means Japanese people have been using such folding fans for many centuries! Since about 13th Century, Japan has been not only selling domestically but also exporting the folding fans to other countries. Between 14th and 16th Century, Japan was influenced by Chinese culture, which led to production of the fans made of bamboo and paper instead of silk.

Kyo folding fans, sensu with detailed art

(Photo: Kyoto foldings fans or Sensu eith elaborate art)

Nowadays, we have also very hot days in Europe like this summer! Why not find your favorite Japanese fans and carry around in your handbangs in summer?

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