Kurume-gasuri resist-dyed textiles

Kurume-gasuri resist-dyed textiles a cotton woven cloth from Kurume region in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

It is known for its breath-ability, which is excellent in hot and humid summer and heat-retaining characteristics that are great to have in winter.

This textile was invented by a 12-years-old girl names Den, who noticed that washing an indigo-dyed Kimono repeatedly decolorizes the Kimono and makes white-faded dots. She detangled the threads the faded dots and got inspiration to dye new threads in the same method. Her textile was called Kasuri. 

By year 1827 there were about 1000 people who learned how to make Kurume-gasuri from Den and about 400 of her students spread the textile across Japan. 

Nowadays they are not only used for Kimono but also for clothing, card case, purse to name a few.

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