Kumano brush from Hiroshima, Japan

Kumano brush is a traditional handcraft produced in Kumano city, Hiroshima, Japan. It has about 180 years' history, which means it started in the late Edo period (1603-1868) .

Kumano brush is well known to be a very high quality brush for make-up, calligraphy brush etc. They are made from hairs of various animals such as deers, horses, goats, Japanese racoons, or weasels. 

A distinctive characteristic of Kumano brushes lies in the shape of the brush tip is not cut straight but gently oscillated into a wooden mold.

The only brushes that can claim to be Kumano brushes are those with heads produced by traditional manufacturing techniques.

Why not obtain a Kumano brush for your make-up or for your caligraphy lesson! 




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