Kasama yaki (ware) from 18th century

I visited the city of Kasama to visit and help friend whose parents has a second home, which is a beautiful old & traditional thatched-roofed house. The house belonged to a family who makes Kasama ware. Of course the house wa full of Kasama ware pottery and we ate our meals in Kasama ware bowls and plates throughout the weekend.

That was my encounte rwith Kasama ware. Kasama ware is said to have started in 18th century and was popular as a souvenir for visitors who visited the Kasama Inari Shrine, which is one of the three most famous Inari shrines in Japan.

Kasama is produced with fine grained clay, which has a high iron content. Due to its strenght and stain resistant feature, it is often used for kitchenware. Today Kasama ware used to make not only kitchenware but also for vase, art object and so on.

Why not find your favorite pottery from Japan?



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