Handmade paper of Laos

In Laos, there is a natural handmade paper made of saa or paper mulberry tree. This handcraft goes back to about 700 years ago, which could probably have originated in ancient China where paper was first invented. 

The bark of the mulberry tree is crushed and soaked in water until dissolved as a paste. Then the liquid is scooped out, poured through a sieve and placed in a thin layer on a bamboo bed, which is dried in the sun as a last process.

(photo: a craftperson is placing flowers on paper)

Traditionally, this kind of mulberry paper was used for calligraphy, umbrellas, fans and kites. 

(photo: paper being dried in the sun)

In recent years, the handmade papercraft has been revived mainly in the city of Luang Prbang, to make lamp shade, letter paper, greeting cards, bookmarks to name a few.

(photo: greeting cards made by hand)

Why not find your favorite Lao handmade papercraft products for your daily life?

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