Hakata brocade textile from Fukuoka, Japan

Hakata ori (Hakata brocade in Japanese) is a woven silk textile from Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture in southern Japan. 

It has about 770 years of tradition and was developed based on woven textile, which a merchant brought back from China. 

Its characteristic lies in the tightly woven fabric, which is achieved by using a lot of thin warps that are drawn by thick wefts. That raise the warps to the surface into a pattern. Hakata brocade was produced as a git to the Imperial Court from around Year 1600 AD. 

It was often used to weave the Obi (sash for Kimono) for the Samurai men and more recently used for the loincloths for Sumo wrestlers. 

You can find products with this handmade silk textile such as wallets, coin cases, ties, porches to name a few.

Why not find your favorite handmade Japanese textile products?


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