Coming-of-age day in Japan

In Japan, the second Monday of January is the "coming-of-age day", which is the day to cerebrate young people who turns 20 years old that year. 

The people who become "adult" that year will be invited to attend a ceremony organized by the municipality where they reside. 

Although there are many cultures that also cerebrate the coming-of-age of young people, it is rare that people wear traditional clothes in this occasion. Many Japanese girls wear Kimono called Furisode on this special occassion. 

Since Furisode is an expensive Kimono made of silk, not all the families buy a new Furisode for the daughters and there are many places where you can rent the Furisode.  The reason why Japanese girls wear Furisode on this day is because it is the highest rank formal wear for a non-married woman in Japan.

Some men also wear traditional clothes called Haori-Hakama on the day.

It is a day when you see many young people walking in the Furisode all over the city, which makes the atmosphere very lively and happy!


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