Batik textile of Hmong tribes in Laos

The Hmong people are probably the largest group of minority in Laos apart from the Lao people.It is said that they originated from the Yellow River Region of China atound 3000BC. There were many Hmong people in different parts of Laos that I vistied and worked with.

They wear very vibrant traditional clothes, especially around the Hmong New Year. The Hmong people are known to be good at handworks in weaving, dying and embroidery. They often live in higher land, above 800-900m sea level. 

The girls wear pleated skirts which have a part that are indigo dyed batik textile. The same skirt also has embroidery and accessory on. Hmong girls are taught how to embroider even as early as 5 years old. They also learn more complex handcraft of indigo dying, construction of the garment and so on. 

There are also bags and other items that are converted from Hmong tradtional clothes.





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