What is Setsubun Day (Division of seasons) in Japan?

Setsubun Day is the day before "the first day of spring", which is one of the solar terms that came to Japan from China. The ecliptic is divided into 24 based on the movement of the sun.

It is different from year to year and this year it is on the 3rd of February. This tradition is still being carried out in many families in Japan especially if you have children.

One tradition is that the adults scatter roasted soy beans (after offered to the gods) in a clean tatami (Japanese traditional floor) room in the evening to get rid of the evil spirits out and bring good spirits into the house/family. Afterwards, you eat the beans with number of your age. 

Second tradition is that we eat a maki-sushi (rolled sushi) called Keiho-maki (see photo below) without saying a word, looking at the "blessed direction" which varies from year to year. 

In some regions of Japan people eat Soba that night like most people do on the New Year's Eve.

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