Uzbekistan - country of Suzani (hand embroidered textile)

I was in Uzbekistan to buy the products for my shop for the first time just before the lock down in March 2020. 

It was my first trip ever to Central Asia, which was exciting! I knew of Suzani for several years and always wanted to visit the region. 

First I landed in the capital, Tashkent, where I checked some galleries and shops for handmade artifacts. However, I knew I was coming back to Tashkent at the end of the trip, so I did not buy anything and moved on to Bukhara, which is an oasis town, that dates back to 5 Century BC. 

When you are in the town center, you feel like you are in a movie set or something, as you are surrounded by gorgeous old buildings. 

In Bukhara, I spent a few days, visiting different people who are making & selling Suzani, a traditional textile hand-embroidered by mothers for her daughter when she will get married. I really like the story behind this beautiful textile as you can feel that the mothers took years to hand-embroider bed-throw size textiles or some smaller size Suzanis wishing her daughter to have a good life after marriage. The Suzanis were given to the groom on the day of the marriage. The last part of Suzanis were intentionally left unfinished so that the daughters who got married will continue to finish by herself. 

What a beautiful tradition full of love! Why not get a Suzani that is just for you. We have both vintage Suzanis and contemporary ones.

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