The start of "Spring Beautiful"

When I lived in Laos (a country in South-East Asia) working for a NPO (Non-Profit Organization) in non-formal education sector, I interviewed several parents who were not keen to send their children to the school. I asked them "why?" and the reply came "we need the children to work in the field so that we can survive". Then I realized the economic stability is more than education when you don`t always have enough to eat. After that I kept thinking, "What can I do to contribute to change the situation?".

I always liked traditional handcrafts of different countries and culture. So I thought about buying woven textiles that Lao women made, and the wooden bowls and plates made of sustainably obtained woods etc. At the time, I used to go back to Japan twice a year for fundraising for the NPO. Then I decided to make a small exhibition of Lao handcrafts in a cafe, which I did twice. 

This is the start of this business, which I resumed in Year 2020. 

I believe from my own experience that using handmade products with natural material make your daily life a little happier and at the same time it could help the craft-men/women to make a decent living, as well as help to keep each traditional handcraft skills to go on to the next generation. It is also environmentally friendly as you use natural materials and you tend to use such products much longer than plastic products.

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