Japanese paper craft - Shiroishi Washi

Shiroishi Washi is a kind of Japanese paper (Washi) made in Shiroishi-city Japan that started in Edo Period (1603 – 1868). Some says that even as early as in the Heian Period (794  – 1185) the papers in the current Tohoku region, where Shiroishi is located were well known.

Production of paper was brought to Japan from China together with Buddhism via Korean Peninsula. 

It is made of plants called Kozo (Broussonetia kazinoki × B. papyrifera) from the region. Its long and soft fibers made the paper extra strong and durable, which led to the use as a paper-textile. The paper production was done during the period when the farming was not possible. 

Nowadays the Shiroishi Washi are used for making card holders, lamps and purses to name a few.


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