Hagi ware from Japan

Hagi ware comes from Hagi city, Yamaguchi, in western Japan. Hagi ware is rarely decorated, which means it is very simple, keeping the features of the clay - its style has a particular asethetics.

It originated in the late 16th century, when a great importance was given to tea ceremony and Hagi ware matcha tea bowls were popular.

You can say that there are no two Hagi ware that are the exact same. Hagi ware changes in the firing in the kiln, which brings unpredicted final touch.

When we were in primary school, we went to Hagi as a school excursion, where we tried to make our first Hagi ware cup - so I can say that was my first pottery making attempt ever in my life.

Nowadays, you can find not only matcha tea bowls but also milk pitcher, coffee cups to name a few.




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