Beautiful handmade crafts make your life richer

This shop "Spring Beautiful" was created as I have traveled the world since teenage and visited over 45 countries, I`ve encountered so many beautiful handmade crafts from various cultures.

I love buying such artifacts and use them in my daily life as it makes me a little happier. This small happiness make our life richer, I believe. I wanted to share this feeling with everyone. Another benefit of using handmade crafts is the environmental aspect. As the handcrafts are normally made by material such as wood, natural textile, ceramic and so on, it will lead to a plastic-less lifestyle. Also, when you choose your favorite handmade crafts, you tend to use them for a long time.

As I lived in Laos and worked for a NGO, I interviewed some women who was not keen on letting their children go to school. When I asked why, they said that they needed the children to work in the field supporting them in the educational field or health field only is not enough. Everyone needs to have enough income to support the family. In Laos, many women have skills of weaving beautiful silk or cotton textile. Then I thought "I can sell these beautiful handcrafts they make when I go back to Japan, which will help their income to increase or stabilize." So when I visited Japan, I opened a small exhibition at a cafe selling these hand woven textiles and other handmade products. That was the start of this shop, which I resumed when I moved to Germany. 

I really hope that many of you enjoy the products that are made in different parts of the world with a lot of love by the local artisans!

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