Woven textile of Laos

In Laos, there are several different kind of weaving structures that are commonly used.

One is called "Ikat weft", which is also seen in other parts of the world such as in Japan and Uzbekistan. In Japan some Kimonos are made with Ikat weft. 

Another one is "tapestry weaving", which could be a part of Sinh skirt I wrote about in the previous article. This will show the same pattern on the front and back side.

Then there is a "continuous supplementary weft" which shows reverse pattern on the back side.

Of course there are more varieties, however, I assume it is a bit too technical. 

What I want to share with you here is that women in Laos have developed a very high skill of hand-weaving with different structure, which are rather complicate. This fact make it possible for them to make many different patterns with different colors. It takes a long time to weave a piece of textile but it is totally worth it! 

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