Okinawa - tropical island with rich tradition in south west of Japan

As there were some articles such as "Okinawan lacquer-ware", "Ryukyu traditional resist-dyed textile" and "Yachimun - Tsuboya ware pottery" you may have checked where Okinawa is located. It is a group of islands in the south west Japan, which used to be independent kingdom called Ryukyu kingdom from 1429 until 1879.
As it is geographically located between Japan and Taiwan/China, it has an interesting culture that seems to be mix between Japanese and Taiwanese/Chinese culture. They have many traditional handcrafts that remain until today, some of which are already introduced in our blog. 
It is an ideal place to visit if you love beautiful ocean and some interesting cultural sites. Also, Okinawan people are well-known to live a very long time, which some researchers in longevity claim to be mainly due to the Okinawan diet. 
Why not visit Okinawa and find your favorite handmade artefacts?

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