Motif of weaving & symbols in Lao textiles

There are many motifs used that are based on religion, history, ethnicity etc. when women weave textiles in Laos. 

Some of the famous motifs are:

Naga (water God of Mekong River with motif of dragon),

Temple (Lao people are Buddhist and therefore there are many temples throughout the country),

Siho (elephant-lion, which is the protector God),

Garuda (bird God in Hindu),

spirits (indicates ancestors and spirits),

frogs (symbolizes abundance in harvesting), 

monkey (considered to be a messenger of God in Hindu),

tree of life (symbolizes longevity, health and good luck),

flowers (symbolizes good luck and abundance in harvesting).

It is interesting that many motifs are similar across the cultures from different continents.

Apart from that sometimes you see simple combination of stripes such as this textile from the southern Laos in the photo. 

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