Kurashiki - where Bizen pottery ware and Bingo Kasuri textiles come from

Kurashiki is a midium sized city in Okayama prefecture, in the western part of Japan. 

It has a preserved canal area that dates back to Ero Period (1603/1867) as well as white-washed walled buildings called Shirakabe-zukuri. Many of the storage buildings in Krashiki are now restored to be used as cafes, restaurants and shops.

Okayama prefecture has a lot of traditional handcrafts, which include Bizen pottery wares and Bingo Kasuri textiles to name a few.

I love visiting this city, as I grew up in Hiroshima and had chance to visit the coty diring the Bizen-ware festival as well as at the non-festive times.

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