Japanese pottery - six ancient kilns

In Japan there are many different kind of pottery that have been made since centuries ago. In fact, some kind of pottery was made already 12400 years ago. Among those various pottery ware, the oldest kilns that have lasted until now are called "six ancient kilns". They have history of more than 900 years. One of them is called Bizen-ware and come from Okayama prefecture. 

As I mainly grew up in Hiroshima, which is next to Okayama prefecture, I am familiar with the Bizen ware and like the chic pottery without any glaze.

The color is basically brown or beige and sometime blue-brown with different type of patterns, which I will talk about in another article. 

Bizen ware is said to keep the beer cold and the bubbles very fine, which makes the beer taste better.

Due to the dense structure, it retains the heat longer than other kind of pottery.

As it has slight breath-ability, it keeps the water in the vase fresh for a long time, which means the flowers will last longer.

Since the surface of the Bizen-ware is rough compared to other potteries, the food you put on the dish will not stick to the surface and it does not make the moisture in the food evaporate easily. Thus keep the dish fresh as you eat over a long time, chatting with your family and friends. 

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