Ikebana-flower arrangement

Ikebana or Kado is a Japanese flower arrangement, which dates back to Heian period (AD794-1185) or earlier.

It uses not only flowers but also branches, leaves, moth and sometimes even fruits or vegetables in modern way of Ikebana.

In the 19th century, Ikebana was introduced to the western world, which influenced the western flower arrangement method.

When you go to Japan, you often see Ikebana flower arrangement in public spaces or people`s homes. There are many different kind of schools of Kado or Ikebana.

The vase used for Ikebana is often made of ceramic, bamboo, glass, rattan and there are some particular shapes such as flat plates, oval shapes, jar, or vase similar to the western vase like in this photo. 

Whenever I go back to Japan, I am fascinated by creative Ikebana flower arrangement with the seasonal flowers.

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