Hida-Shunkei lacquerware from Gifu, Japan

Hida-Shunkei is a kind of lacquerware made in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Its characteristic lies in its natural beauty with the base wood patterns combined with the transparent color of this amazing handcraft.

Its history dates back to 17th century and it was first produced by a master carpenter named Takahashi, who then presented it to the lord's family of the region.

There was a decline during the World War 2 as they could not obtain enough lack, however, the industry was revived after the war. Now it is also popular souvenir when people travel to Hida-Takayama region. 

As I travelled to the Hida region to find products for my shop, I accidentally found this family who makes Hida-Shunkei products for generations. Their Hida-Shunkei products are of very high quality, and I love the translucent colored bowls, plates, cups, boxes etc. 

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